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 My Songwriting Process

1  Stream of Consciousness

2  Write lyrics and melody on the guitar

3  Edit

4  More editing to add meaning while keeping as much imagery and magic as possible

5  Finalize lyrics (not really; is that ever done?)

6  Throughout 2-5, the melody and guitar playing get refined

7  Song development: consider bridge, intro/outro, harmonies then record Song

8  Play in GarageBand until I hear my sound, sound better

9  Reach out t0 musician friends, more diverse than I, to add tracks to enhance Song

10 Mix

11 Remix

12 End that and call it:  The Song is Done

13 Send Song to be professionally mastered

14 Optional:  make a video (many more steps)

15 Select a release date and market it (many more steps)

16 Select a few people to hear it before release date.. Sweet!

17 Release

18 Silence.. but that's ok; the Song is there for all time when you are ready

19 Start all over again


*Throughout the entire process, battling finicky technology with my Partner In Crime


**Along the way, pride & passion take place and creep into one's Soul combating the negation the world often offers up, lately.

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