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On November 7, 2016 when I got a message from a friend that Leonard Cohen had died, I was reading the book Leonard Cohen On Leonard Cohen. I wrote the first line to The Leonard Cohen Song that night. I have been listening to his music ever since I bought Suzanne back in the early 70's. This song and the video are my tribute to the man and his music. 

Dad found this song, You Were Born by Cloud Cult, for me to sing to you, Dennis. xx

You Are The Sunshine Master.jpg

You Are The Sunshine was written for my parents, Pauline and Sid, for their 60th Wedding Anniversary.  I remember our Mom singing this melody when I was a kid; she joins me in singing the chorus in this song. XO


Everyone has a last day on this planet. If you are lucky, and brave enough, you'll have it when you are very old.  

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On May 2, 2016, I heard the CBC interview with Amanda Lindhout and her mother, Lordina Stewart. In 2008, Amanda, a Canadian journalist, was held hostage for ransom, by Somalian terrorists for 15 months. The Canadian Government did not pay ransom to terrorists. Because of that, I am safer when travelling around the world. Amanda's mother raised the money and eventually, Amanda was released. Some situations just seem impossible. I'm Canadian Today is written to these two women.            







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Snow Crystal  was written for my friend, and dedicated to, the Late, Great Lynne Brown.

It Takes Two  was written by Kevan Smith several years ago after visiting Cuba and Costa Rica.  It is a first attempt at writing an Island Pop Song.  It is being released this August 25th to celebrate our 41st Wedding Anniversary.

The Lost Boys is dedicated to the families and friends of the six boys who went missing on March 17th, 1995 known as The Lost Boys of Pickering.  It was written by Chad's Uncle Kevan and sung by Chad's Aunt Barb.

After watching the Tragically Hip's final concert, I wrote this song about that concert. I felt moved to record it the morning we all found out that Gord Downie had passed away. I play it as a tribute; it is called People's Concert. 

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